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We are capital advisors by trade and real estate investors by profession, with a focus on both near-term income generation and long-term value creation.

About Us

Castling Capital Group is a boutique private equity firm and asset manager specializing in opportunistic real estate based investments. With a diverse network of capital partners, including private fund managers, family offices, and by an in- house experienced team of seasoned underwriters and experienced asset managers we have the ability to act swiftly and confident on transactions and constantly outperform the market to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

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Our Approach

Aligning our expertise with your interests:

Over the last decade Castling advised experienced real estate investors and private lenders, By collaboratively working with our partners, we were able to be a big part in growth of many now well known real estate enterprises both on the finance side and investor side, now we are here to take all our relationships and experiences we have built to level the playing field and enable everyday people to build and preserve wealth.

Asset based - Value Add

Castling selects investment opportunities ranging primarily from residential real estate and development, and case by case opportunistic Commercial and industrial assets, healthcare, hospitality, and related businesses among others.


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Pinchus Schwartz


The mastermind behind Castling Capital, his tenacity, professionalism and creativity have propelled the firm to success.


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